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This is the story about two guys who met in their search for meaning, and ended up making magic. It all started in Cape Town, when Grant Rushmere, a passionate, creative entrepreneur set out on a mission to answer the question: Can you be healthy and still have fun?

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Hot with a slice of lemon or cold with a sprig of mint? Whichever you choose, it’s bound to be deliciously refreshing. And, the best part? Superfood Rooibos is healthy and caffeine-free so you and your little ones can enjoy it morning, noon and night.

Why People Are Raving About BOS

Happy Customers…

“The best ice tea in SA. Simply love all ice teas from BOS, it really is the only natural tasting and refreshing ice tea that I've had so far besides making it at home. Love the sugar free option for the health conscious”
- Devon

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“Best local ice tea! Delicious range of flavours making sure there's something for every taste bud. Love that they are also eco-conscious and run community support initiatives. Personal favourites include the Peach, Green Rooibos, Lime & Ginger and awesome new Watermelon & Mint. Keep up the good work!”
- Franken
"My family loves BOS ice tea. Love their great fresh tasting flavours and it goes down smooth. The best part is that it is sugar-free and has a variety of flavours and sizes."
- Lereesa

What’s inside?

Rooibos is naturally slightly sweet so you get a great tasting product with no or low added sugar. It’s packed with antioxidants which helps to slow down the aging process. And its caffeine-free…so you can drink it morning, noon and night. It’s a no brainer, don’t you think?

Subscribe, save & chill

Flexibility others only dream of: swap, skip, cancel anytime. If you subscribe to BOS products, you can save up to 10% and get the convenience of the best Rooibos tea!

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If a picture says a thousand words, this one says, "DELICIOUS x 1000"

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Tell us you love BOS without telling us you love BOS?

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Happy Birthday Madiba, we miss you.

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We’ve partnered up with @lecreusetsa to give away 2 x BOSpresso®️ and Le Creuset hampers to the value of R2000 each!

If you haven't heard we've just launched our newest product, an organic rooibos espresso perfect for lattes and cappuccinos! <Trust us when we say it's flipping divine!>

To enter is easy, just follow the link in our bio and purchase our newest product launch, BOSpresso®️. Each purchase counts as one entry! Good luck ❤️

Ts&Cs Apply. Competition closes 1st September. Only open to residents of South Africa.

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Happy Half Year!

This week marks the official halfway mark of 2021, and we have a lot to say about it… but we’re deferring to you, our fans.

Tell us in the comments below something incredible that has happened to you this year?

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