Collagen Rooibos Shot – Let It Glow

Packaged in a convenient 50ml glass bottle, this rooibos shot combines Brewed organic rooibos, an antioxidant rich superfood, with collagen to help with anti-ageing.




10 x 50ml


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5 reviews for Collagen Rooibos Shot – Let It Glow

  1. Dineo

    Not a review, but I need to know if I can drink the collagen shot while pregnant?

  2. Dani

    Hi Dineo!

    Thanks so much for reaching out – it’s much appreciated! Research indicates that certain collagen is safe for consumption during pregnancy, but to be safe, please check with with your physician. ☀️

  3. Celeste

    So excited to have discovered these little gems! So convenient and super tasty. I love how I can just grab one before work to swig on the go.

  4. Elize

    Love these new bos shots! I’ve tried them all and they are fantastic.. they taste amazing especially when they’re ice cold and it’s so convenient to quickly just pop one open and drink it on the go.
    Awesome products!

  5. Jaclyn Levenson (verified owner)

    Awesome products! Super convenient! Really tasty!

  6. Tatum

    Tastes amazing and absolutely love it!

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Free radicals contain unpaired electrons which are highly reactive with other cellular structures. This causes free radical damage over time which results in ageing. The powerful combination of rooibos, strawberry juice, raspberry juice, grape juice and collagen peptides assist in reducing the effects of ageing by fighting free radical damage and increasing the skin’s elasticity.

Rooibos is rich in antioxidants which bind with free-radicals to prevent cellular damage and reduce the risk of various age related diseases. Furthermore, it contains alpha hydroxy acid, one of the most widely used anti-ageing agents. Collagen is a protein that forms connective tissue throughout the body and acts like the “glue” that holds everything together. The body naturally produces collagen every day but production slows down over time.

Consuming collagen peptides has been shown to have beneficial effects on skin health as it reduces the appearance of ageing by increasing skin elasticity, skin hydration, dermal collagen density and wound healing. The collagen in this shot is bioactive and hydrolyzed which makes it easily digestible by humans.

Strawberry and raspberry juice are both rich in Vitamin C (required for collagen synthesis) and antioxidants (which bind with free-radicals to reduce wrinkles and repair age-related skin damage).



The Magic of Rooibos

A unique tea with superfood powers:

    • Packed with antioxidants to slow down the ageing process
    • Naturally caffeine-free to promote better sleep
    • Neuro-protective to help boost the brain
    • Anti-inflammatory to assist with muscle recovery
    • Lowers cholesterol & blood sugar to fight heart disease, diabetes and obesity
    • Lowers cortisol to help reduce stress
    • Rich in essential minerals & vitamins

Packed with Antioxidants

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Naturally Caffeine Free

Neuro – Protective

Anti – Inflammatory

Lowers Cortisol



Storage & Serving

Store in a cool, dry place at ambient temperature out of direct sunlight. Avoid temperatures above 35°C and high humidity conditions. Store pack upright. Serve chilled.



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Brewed organic rooibos tea (water, organic rooibos tea)(89%), strawberry juice concentrate, raspberry juice concentrate, grape juice concentrate, collagen peptides (2%)



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