Orange & Ginger Flavoured Organic Rooibos Tea

Orange & Ginger Organic Rooibos was developed as an ode to the ever popular orange teas that exist in the market. Our Orange & Ginger differentiates itself with a delicious orange flavour that is matched with a punchy taste by using real organic ginger pieces.

1 x Refill box of 20 Tea Bags (1 x foiled freshbag)

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3 reviews for Orange & Ginger Flavoured Organic Rooibos Tea

  1. theo4213

    Absolutely delicious! Hot or cold, this is the tastiest tea I’ve ever had.

  2. kopanoselebano

    Smooth and rich in flavour
    Glad it’s infused ROOIBOS tea
    Flavoured tea bangs in general but rooibos infused ? Godly
    Obsessed with the orange and ginger one!Crazy flavour combo

    Stoked about the health benefits (anti oxidants & anti-Inflammation) because I am a health science student and kinda have an idea of how these work…not to be dramatic but I feel healthier after every cup lol

    Glad it’s caffeine free because I definitely know that I’m gonna be having the tea/s a lot now and won’t suffer the exhausting crashes that come hours later after caffeine intake

    Also love the packaging

  3. Wanda van der Bijl (verified owner)

    Wonderful addition to the Bos range. A big fan of orange tea and the ginger is delicious. Hot or cold, this will be a hit in our house this summer!

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The Magic of Rooibos

A unique tea with superfood powers:

    • Packed with antioxidants to slow down the ageing process
    • Naturally caffeine-free to promote better sleep
    • Neuro-protective to help boost the brain
    • Anti-inflammatory to assist with muscle recovery
    • Lowers cholesterol & blood sugar to fight heart disease, diabetes and obesity
    • Lowers cortisol to help reduce stress
    • Rich in essential minerals & vitamins

Packed with Antioxidants

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Naturally Caffeine Free

Neuro – Protective

Anti – Inflammatory

Lowers Cortisol


Storage & Serving

Store in a cool, dry place at ambient temperature out of direct sunlight. Avoid temperatures above 35°C and high humidity conditions. Store pack upright.


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Organic Rooibos*, Organic Orange Flavour*, Ginger (5%). *Organic ingredients.

Same flavour, different sizes…

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