Probiotic Rooibos Shot – Gut a Problem

The ultimate gut guardian, a wise and nurturing companion for your digestive journey. Picture a lively dance of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory power, swirling together in a tantalising tango within this concoction. Just one sip, and you’ll feel the embrace of Rooibos, a South African gem known for its healing touch.

Packaged in a convenient 50ml glass bottle, this rooibos shot combines Brewed organic rooibos, a prebiotic superfood, with added probiotics to help promote gut health.




10 x 50ml

R 199.99

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10 reviews for Probiotic Rooibos Shot – Gut a Problem

  1. marlene (verified owner)

    i love this product. my gut is doing very well. For a long time i was looking for the right product and here it is.

  2. Carla (verified owner)

    With suffering from Crohn’s, this has been a life saver on some days!! Love it!!!

  3. Max

    Wow this fixed my stomach problems completely and helped my digestion excellently I feel very refreshed after having the probiotic shot I’d recommend this to anyone with IBS or GERD it’s very good and worthy. Well done Bos!❤️

  4. Carolynn

    Wow! What a fabulous product! I was weary to try it but it is worth it’s weight in gold! Thank you for an awesome product!

  5. Jimmy Liu

    Absolutely, the real thing!
    No artificial flavours. Very delicious!

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