Every Day is Rooibos Day

Did you know that January 16 is National Rooibos Day in South Africa?

 For us here at BOS, every day is Rooibos day, but it never hurts for us to celebrate the magic of this superfood and its many benefits to us humans.

 It’s also good for us to stop and appreciate that this special plant is unique to South Africa and only grows in one small region of our beautiful country, in the Cederberg mountains. Hand harvested at Klipopmekaar Farm to produce the certified organic Rooibos tea that goes into each of our BOS products, Rooibos has been part of our South African heritage for hundreds of years.

Knowledge of the health benefits of Rooibos has been passed down through generations, and now scientists are producing research that backs up many of the anecdotal claims about it. Most recently, science has shown us how Rooibos can benefit sports performance.

Let’s look at some of the cool things we know about Rooibos:

  • Rooibos is caffeine free which makes it a really versatile drink (great for kids, and to drink before sleep)
  • It’s packed full of antioxidant-rich micronutrients, helping to boost your immunity.
  • It increases good cholesterol and reduces the bad
  • It reduces blood pressure and blood sugar levels, all of which help to prevent heart disease.
  • Rooibos contains the chemical alpha-hydroxy acid, often used in anti-aging cosmetics.
  • Rooibos is naturally sweet, so for those trying to avoid sugary drinks, Rooibos is a great alternative.
  • And, although we are biased, we’d like to shout out that Rooibos is DELICIOUS


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