BOS Answers: How Did We Design Our Award-Winning Bos Rooibos Ice Tea Can?

Find out what the thought process was behind the design of our award-winning BOS Rooibos Ice Tea can. A complete portrayal of who we are and what it means to #GoBOS.

At BOS, we revel in creativity and freedom of expression. We encourage the free flow of thoughts, and it’s apparent in all aspects of what we do, especially in our BOS Rooibos Ice Tea can design.

To create this artwork, we combined several elements, resulting in a minimalistic design that packs a potent punch. To fuse “everything BOS” together, we wanted our packaging to stand the test of time. In our design, we combined elements representing our African roots, our colourful energy, and even our galaxy!

BOS Rooibos Tea logo star and lion

Step through the Gates… BOS will meet you there!

The Lion’s Gate portal falls during Leo season and occurs when there’s an alignment between Leo and the star Sirius. It is also the only time that the planet Earth, Sirius and the constellation of Orion are perfectly aligned. The Lion’s Gate portal is associated with the union of matter and antimatter, where polarities join and fuse.

It represents a space of abundance and manifestation. A point to envision what we truly want for ourselves. It’s a time to look deep into our hearts, tune into our passions, hear the beat of the drum of our deepest desires, and truly feel the pulse of our purpose and our inner power.

A Star To Guide BOS Ice Tea

Sirius is the brightest star in our night sky and appears proudly on our BOS logo. It’s twice the size of the Sun and, at a distance of 8.6 light years, is one of the closest stars to our home planet, Earth.

Fun fact: In ancient Egypt, the Egyptians revered Sirius, believing it represented Sopdet, the goddess of agriculture. When Sirius lit up the night sky, the Nile river overflowed its banks, and this was a time of abundance, renewal and growth. This was also the time that the Egyptians would celebrate the start of each new year.

BOS Rooibos Tea logo lion

Aptly, Sirius rises while Leo rules the night sky. Leo is a powerful zodiac constellation known for its bold, roaring characteristics. Those born under the sign of Leo generally ooze confidence, are fiercely protective of their loved ones and are often known as the life of the party.

Leos aren’t afraid to take on any challenge and don’t shy away from healthy competition. Their traits are super on point with the BOS way of life. We know better than to tame our spirits or adjust our purpose.

The African King

The African lion is an emblem of strength, dignity, and courage throughout our continent.

At BOS, we pride ourselves on never letting our fears triumph and dancing in the rain instead of hiding from the storm. We love embracing our African roots and living life as adventure seekers.

We know our place in the world, yet we gaze up and follow the stars, forever exploring new adventures, people, cultures and experiences.

Our logo symbolises everything we stand for.

BOS Rooibos Ice Tea can designs

The Power of Colour

We crave thrills, excitement and creativity in our daily lives, and we resonate with bold, vibrant colours that reflect our ever-present enthusiasm and optimism. Africa gives a licence to use bold colours, and at BOS, we welcome a palette that excites us and inspires us to be on par with our passions.

Combination Station

With this compelling power combination of elements representing our identity, attitude, and colours, it’s easy to see why our award-winning BOS Ice Tea can design is so downright legendary.

So go on, and live your life as our BOS Manifesto guides you. Shake your mane, and let your star shine bright because you were born to run wild!


Not sure where to find BOS tea? Depending on where you are in the world, you can buy BOS rooibos tea online and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. For more info or to shop now, visit our online store here.

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