Just under a year ago, having never painted before or made anything, Chadia answered the call of creativity, by getting her a canvas and just going for it. Even with no experience in art (even at school) Chadia brings what only she can to painting, and makes art, her way! 

Standing in front of her stall with the brick wall lit-up with the colours of her artwork, at just 12, Chadia stands tall for her first week among the other epic makers at the Victoria Yards First Sunday Market, Johannesburg. From the moment Chadia started painting she started making the world from her dreams into our world, bringing with it the kind of colour and imagination only a child can bring. Imagery of vivid colours and textures, Chadia wants to brighten up the world and make it a happier place for everyone.


 Meeting with Chadia in person she confidently lists off all the types of art that she paints from landscapes to space as her family stands behind her. When we asked her about her creative process, and what she does before she gets started painting, she simply said, “I dream about my paintings.”. She dreamt of this place, a beautiful beach that was peaceful and calm, and that’s her Happy Place – something she believes can be made real. Whenever she wants to better the world, she paints the places from her dreams. In the last few months, Chadia has let go and gone for it with the crazy good freedom that making brings, sharing that in every art piece. She doesn’t just make from her dreams though she’s excited by the challenge of requests from her family, but always ready to give it her spin.


Still finding her footing as an artist, Chadia experiments with her subject matter by painting portraits, cartoons, fruits, and flowers. For her though, she will always go back to landscapes, and the places from her dreams as those are the things that make her feel happiest. We asked Chadia about her experimental process, she told us the story behind her fruit painting.  She describes the moment as almost a throwaway, she asked her mom for some suggestions on what she could paint next, and her mom told her to paint whatever she likes. Chadia, takes this on, and decides to try something new. She starts with a roses which then turned into a bowl of fruit. She calls it, “Just something simple.”, but from the colourful glimpse we get into the world Chadia’s making, it’s anything but simple.


With her art she wants people to feel what she feels… which is happy. For her, art makes the world a better place, and she hopes that with her art she will inspire people to want to make the world better place. Using her Happy Place artwork as the example for what the world could be. Seeing her talent as a career and not a hobby, her mom, Danisha, runs her Instagram @artbychadia where you can check out some of the amazing works that Chadia’s made. With the support of her Granny, Zebu, Chadia hopes to become a fine artist one day. 


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