Rooibos Pairings

SA-born tea sommelier, Jessica Bonin, studied directly under tea masters in China, Japan and South Korea, so knows a thing or two about tea. She says the rooibos industry has done well to incorporate other beneficial ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and rosehip to its base. 

“Rooibos infusions have become an exciting addition to the global market, leading to new sensorial experiences for consumers to discover,” she says.

At BOS we have been using the magic ingredient of rooibos as a base in our products for many years, starting with our Ice Teas over 10 years ago. We love the idea of pairing rooibos with foods too, and as Jessica says: 

“The mellow and tangy mouthfeel of Rooibos and Ginger adds balance to curry or spicy foods, whereas Rooibos and Vanilla pairs beautifully with sponge cakes, custard and sweet tarts. 

We love the combo of rooibos and ginger, so much so that we created a Lime & Ginger ice tea with natural lime and ginger flavours. It’s a popular choice amongst our BOS fans; a refreshing drink that is low in sugar and high in rooibos goodness.  

We also combine our hand-harvested organic rooibos tea (a natural anti-inflammatory) with ginger when we make our rooibos immunity boosting health shot, the Bounce Back shot. These 50ml shots are also packed with vitamin c (orange juice and lemon), and turmeric. 

Jessica continues: “Rooibos and Mint is a palate cleanser and acts as a digestive. It is drunk after heavy and rich meals or in-between courses.” 

We combined zesty mint with the fruity flavour of watermelon and created our Watermelon & Mint Ice Tea, a fantastic pairing bursting with rooibos goodness. Rooibos is full of antioxidants, electrolytes and essential minerals; our ice teas prove that healthy can be fun!

Rooibos & Lemon adds a slightly astringent note with a crisp aftertaste that complements honey and ginger, while the luscious syrupy and juicy taste of Rooibos & Berry is always a winner with figs, lavender and even gin,” says Jessica. 

Our Lemon flavour ice tea is the original, and a firm favourite with our BOS fans. Our Berry flavour is a hit with kids, and with lower sugar content than most cool drinks, parents love it too.

Jessica continues: “Rooibos has an incredibly versatile flavour that makes it the perfect base for an array of ingredients. Tea enthusiasts can experiment by adding herbs, fruits, flowers and even spices. The flavour cascades are infinite.”

At BOS, we love finding new ways to share the magic of our proudly South African superfood rooibos, and our Sparkling Unsweetened range takes flavour pairings to new heights. With no sugar, no sweeteners and of course caffeine free, the Sparkling Unsweetened combines our organic rooibos with natural fruit and botanical flavours such as Blueberry & Jasmine, White Peach & Elderflower and Pineapple & Coconut.

Information sourced from the SA Rooibos Council.

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What started as a South African dream to make the most delicious Rooibos ice tea has turned into BOS being available in 15 countries world wide.

Global rooibos domination? Here we come!!

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While this road doesn’t look that impressive, sometimes it’s about the destination AND the journey.

This road, in the majestic Cederberg mountains leads to @klipopmekaar.rooibos - the home of all BOS organic Rooibos.

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Psssst! We're not in any way encouraging getting drunk, but HYPOTHETICALLY if you were to, do it with Rooibos cocktails.

Rooibos acts as a natural hangover cure because it’s packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect mixer!

Be sure to check our full range of Rooibos cocktails by following the link in our bio.

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The bottom line is this: Rooibos is incredibly good for you.

Shop via the link in our bio.

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