The French Mixologist on What Alcohol Mixes Best With Rooibos Tea

French foodie Diane Allegret on what she finds fascinating about the worlds of tea and spirits, her top recommended rooibos cocktail recipe, and more.

We know that BOS Ice Tea makes excellent cocktail mixers. But, just like us, you may be wondering what alcohol mixes best with rooibos tea.

To get the low-down on the perfect alcohol-and-rooibos-tea pairings, we caught up with The French Mixologist (aka Diane Allegret), a French foodie with a passion for both tea and creating awesome cocktails. Diane is also a filmmaker and photographer and just happens to have her own tea brand, Koalitea.

What’s your background in mixology and in tea?

My background in the tea and spirit business is very linked. I started my tea company, Koalitea, at the age of 25. After one year, I had the idea to combine spirits and tea when creating cocktails. To ensure I am as knowledgeable as possible about all liquor, spirits and cocktail basics, I studied in Paris for one year to gain my bartending qualification. I worked in some famous Paris bars, gained lots of experience and then finally decided to make the move from focusing on tea to focusing on spirits instead.

I find the worlds of tea and spirits equally fascinating. Both ask for perfect balance, and for the engagement of all the senses. In my opinion, these worlds are linked. At the moment I’m more drawn to working with spirits, probably as I still have so much to learn!

Right now, I’m working as a mixologist for various spirit brands, creating cocktails and then photographing them according to my own style aesthetic. Photography is still my primary business.

What do you love about tea?

I love the diversity of it all. The various harvesting methods and all the associated traditions. Also, can there be anything better than cocooning with a hot cup of tea during wintertime? I also love that tea is such a natural product. There are no chemical processes or transformations taking place, it’s all natural and organic. So refreshing!

Do you drink rooibos tea? If so, which flavours do you enjoy the most?

I do drink and love rooibos tea! At one point I was really into Oolong tea and my business was mainly focused on Oolong. But four years ago I started drinking rooibos, to eliminate my theine intake. Since then, I’ve been drinking rooibos tea every day. Iced or hot, vanilla flavoured, fruity, chocolate and nutty, or just natural!

What is your favourite BOS Ice Tea flavour?

My favourite BOS Ice Tea flavour is Lime & Ginger. But Peach is coming in a very close second!

Animated Bos Brands lime & ginger ice tea can and peach ice tea can

Which types of alcohol pair best with rooibos tea and why?

I would say every type of alcohol is potentially a perfect mix with rooibos tea. It all just depends on the flavour and what result you want to achieve.

If you want something very summery and refreshing, go for gin and vodka. If you’re after something more elegant and classic, go for cognac or whisky.

The interesting part is, depending on your choice of spirit, the proportions and your approach to mixing, your cocktails will be totally different. That’s the magic of being a mixologist!

Could you recommend one quick rooibos cocktail recipe for our readers to try?

I have hundreds of recipes that come to mind right now. To make it as accessible as possible, I would suggest the following recipe:

The French Mixologist’s Gin & BOS Sparkling Lemon Ice Tea Cocktail

Animated Bos Brands Sparkling Ice Tea can with rooibos recipes cocktail


  • BOS Ice Tea Sparkling Lemon 300 ml can
  • 50 ml gin
  • 1 lemon wedge


Combine the gin, lemon wedge and ice in a cocktail glass, top with BOS Ice Tea Sparkling Lemon and enjoy!

Where to Buy BOS Tea Online

Wondering where to buy BOS Tea online if you’re in South Africa, Europe, UK or the US? Read this blog.

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