BOS Rooibos Cappuccino: Something You Didn’t Know You Needed

Would you like something hot to drink? We don’t know about you, but we can’t think of a time where a cosy cup of Rooibos is the wrong answer. There’s just something about that Rooibos flavour that hits the spot. Rooibos tea is a cornerstone of the South African experience, bringing immense comfort to anyone who drinks it. 

Enter BOSpresso® capsules: Indulge in a rich and satisfying rooibos flavour that pairs beautifully with frothed milk, creating the perfect Rooibos cappuccino or latte.

Made with fine cut Organic Rooibos tea and notes of honey, it’s sure to be your new go-to for a satisfying at-home beverage, especially since our capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines. There’s just something about its smooth, and naturally sweet taste that serves as a delicious caffeine-free alternative.

Here are our top reasons why you need a BOS Rooibos Cappuccino in your life:

The Health Benefits

rooibos,bos,cappucino,BOSpresso® capsules,latte

It’s no secret that Rooibos is an absolute powerhouse, boasting a variety of scientifically proven health benefits. Packed with antioxidants, Rooibos tea benefits your overall wellness with its rich vitamin and mineral composition that supports detoxification. 

You may be wondering: Is there caffeine in Rooibos Tea? Nope! Being naturally caffeine-free, it promotes better sleep with its neuro-protective properties too! Additionally, its anti-inflammatory benefits aid in muscle recovery PLUS it lowers cortisol levels, effectively reducing all your worries and stress. Sounds like our kinda drink!

The Versatility 

rooibos,bos,cappucino,BOSpresso® capsules,latte

No matter your preferred brewing technique, BOSpresso® still shines. That’s right! Available in a 750g bag – you can experiment with a French Press, Moka Pot and even an Espresso Machine. You get all the perks of drinking your regular cup of joe minus the coffee jitters! It’s definitely worth the effort, but if you’re looking for convenience, there’s always the BOSpresso capsules for that perfect serving size.

Click here to learn more about how to perfect your BOSpresso® Cappuccino or Latte at home.

More Than a Drink

rooibos,bos,cappucino,BOSpresso® capsules,latte

The experience of drinking a hot, creamy BOS Rooibos Cappuccino is about more than mere sustenance. Each cup brewed is an opportunity for comfort, connecting with others and creating special moments around a shared ritual. If you enjoy flavoured teas, we have those too! Click here to browse our incredible range of Organic Rooibos Flavoured Tea.

There’s a subtle beauty in this simple pleasure, providing a pause from the hustle and bustle of daily life and allowing for reflection, relaxation and reconnection.It’s the warm embrace you need at the end of the day and that’s just a fact!

The Ritual of Rooibos

rooibos,bos,cappucino,BOSpresso® capsules,latte

BOSpresso® is a sure way to bring a refreshing calmness to an otherwise chaotic life. Start your day off right or end your evening curled up and cosy; no matter the time, BOS is always here for you with that warming Rooibos Tea taste.

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