Which BOS Rooibos Tea Matches Your Mood Today?

Are you feeling groovy, cool as a cucumber, or itching for adventure? Take our quiz to find out which BOS Rooibos Tea is perfect for your current mood.

There is nothing quite like a sip of rooibos, but do you ever feel like a regular cup just isn’t cutting it? Whether you are relaxed and ready to put on a harmonious mix or bust a move at a local festival, our quiz is the perfect matchmaker for your mood – and a BOS Rooibos Tea.

At BOS, we celebrate individuality, grab spontaneity by the tea bags, and embrace rampant creativity. So much so, there is a BOS Rooibos Tea not only for every occasion but for every person (and mood).

We love pairing our BOS Rooibos Teas with food, life, the universe and everything… Now, we decided to elevate our game by matching your mood with the perfect BOS flavour. Instead of trying to swipe right on your ideal date, why not take our quiz to find today’s one true BOS brew?


Not sure where to find BOS Rooibos Tea? Depending on where you are in the world, you can buy BOS Rooibos Tea online and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. For more info or to shop now, visit our online shop here.

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