Variety Pack Rooibos Fruit Ice

Rooibos Fruit Ice is naturally sweet and a bit sassy, with a hint of Cherry mischief that dances on the taste buds. She’s the cool companion for hot summer days, always ready to add a splash of excitement to any adventure. Imagine the giggles of children as they savour the frosty magic that Fruit Ice brings, each lick unlocking a world of playful joy.

Enjoy this healthy, freeze-at-home, fruit ice confectionary. Made of organic rooibos with real fruit juice, and no added sugar for the whole family to indulge.
6 x Cherry
6 x Grape
6 x Tropical

18 x 100ml

R 219.99

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20 reviews for Variety Pack Rooibos Fruit Ice

  1. Sanlie (verified owner)

    Better than any ice cream or freezy we’ver ever tasted! Ideal for Summer next to the pool and guilt-free! Amazing product. Good sturdy packaging with easy to eat shape. Just LOVE all of it!

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