Siya Kolisi & BOS Unite: “There’s Power in Community”

Every ONE is brewed for greatness: a belief BOS and Siya Kolisi share. Explore our collab with the rugby legend, his wife Rachel and the Kolisi Foundation.

As the 2023 Rugby World Cup draws closer, stirring excitement in hearts worldwide, two proudly South African forces come together in meaningful collaboration. BOS and Siya Kolisi embark on a journey to ignite change and inspire others. Our shared values form a potent foundation for lasting impact as we strive to make a difference.

In our exclusive interview, Siya, joined by his wife and Kolisi Foundation co-founder Rachel, sat down and shared their recipe to rise, the belief that every ONE is brewed for greatness, and the importance of empowering others to live life to the fullest.

Every ONE Is Brewed for Greatness: But First, You need the Right Ingredients

Siya’s roots in his Zwide community left a profound impact on him. As a result, he’s committed to uplifting others by giving back, acknowledging the significance of their contributions to his success.

A shared mindset fuels Siya and Rachel’s actions, especially in their work with the Kolisi Foundation. They recognise that each small act of change matters by remembering the ONE, ONE by ONE, and their responses below prove this.

What does community mean to you?

Siya: Without the people in my community, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And it would be criminal for me to forget where I came from – the whole village helped me.

Community has always been a big part of my life and upbringing because my mom was too young to raise me, so she took me to my gran. When my gran passed, my aunt and then my uncle looked after me, and the rest of the community helped.

Whenever I was hungry, I could go to my neighbour. And when I was naughty, anybody could discipline me. There was no ill will when somebody did. That helped me understand if someone is struggling, I should help them ’cause that’s my family.

And that’s why having my family name on a BOS can is huge. It’s got a lot of my culture’s traditional patterning, and I also think it’s a big deal because you can find more information online to see where the funding is going.

Rachel: There’s so much power in community, and sometimes we underestimate it because we live in a society where people believe you can make it on your own. We can do much more together.

What brings you joy?

Siya: My family gives me the most joy by a country mile. Wherever they are, and I’m with them, that’s it for me.

I’m the standup comedian in the family and don’t get taken seriously, but I like that. That’s the biggest joy for me – just to be with them and be a clown for them.

Rachel: I wish I had a different answer, but I don’t. I’m 100% obsessed with my family. Sometimes you want to be alone, and everyone’s driving you crazy. But you know that deep laugh that doesn’t come around every day? The one that hurts your tummy and makes you cry. I genuinely have my most moments of that when I’m with my family.

What makes authenticity important?

Siya: You can only be the best when you’re your true self. It doesn’t matter what or how tough it is. You must find a way to do it, even if it’s out of your comfort zone.

I’ve realised the importance of becoming the best version of myself because you can see when something’s not true to me. When somebody’s telling me what to say, you see right through it. That’s why I’ll never speak on a topic I’m clueless about, and I’ve turned things down that don’t sit comfortably with me or when our values don’t align.

When you’re true to yourself, it doesn’t matter how much someone offers you. You’ll say no if that’s not what you stand for, and always be at your best. You can see when somebody’s being themselves, and it’s beautiful.

What do you want to express with your Limited Edition BOS Ice Tea?

Siya: It’s deeply personal. This beautiful can talks about my Xhosa heritage and where I came from. It resembles the beads we wear in our traditional events. When we’re celebrating something, we dress up and paint our faces. The design was inspired by that, which is why it’s so important to me.

I hope when people enjoy the Limited Edition BOS Ice Teas, they become curious about the design, and it also fills them with good energy. Additionally, knowing that by buying one, they’re making a difference in communities across South Africa.

How do you show you care?

Rachel: The Kolisi Foundation was ingrained in our minds many years ago. We knew we needed a vehicle for everything we wanted to achieve in South Africa. Essentially, we created the foundation from my and Siya’s lived experiences. The fact that people now, more than ever, are dealing with the same things we dealt with in childhood is unacceptable.

The foundation focuses on food security, gender-based violence, and education and sports development, which affected Siya and me and influenced where we are today.

Siya: We want to address those issues ’cause we have the platform. What I like about what we’re doing is we don’t talk about anything we didn’t feel. I won’t make a stand if I don’t believe in something ’cause you can see through it. That’s why we wanted to do something that meant a lot to us.

Rachel: What’s great about this collaboration between the Kolisi Foundation and BOS Ice Tea is not only is it a phenomenal homegrown product, but the brand chose to look beyond sales and asked: ‘How do we give back to the community and the country we came from?’ There’s such a value alignment for us.

Siya: So, it’s not just a can. It’s a can that’ll open many doors and opportunities in every community we work in as a foundation. Many people’s lives can change through this. It’s how brands should connect with people, with a purpose behind their actions. I’m grateful BOS chose to work with us, and I have no doubt that the funds will go to good use.

The Kolisi x BOS Collab in a Nutshell

We launched Siya Kolisi’s Limited Edition BOS Ice Tea as part of our collaboration. The packaging honours Siya’s amaXhosa heritage by paying homage to his incredible culture and its beliefs in a vibrant and distinctly BOS way.

Plus, it gives every ONE the chance to make a difference. For each of Siya Kolisi’s Limited Edition BOS Ice Tea products sold, we donate to the Kolisi Foundation to support their efforts.

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