Working Towards Sustainability With BOS Rooibos Tea

Embark on a mindful journey with BOS as we explore the essence of rooibos tea and its eco-friendly initiatives. Sip sustainably and make a positive impact!

Join us on an epic journey as we dive into the essence of rooibos tea and its eco-friendly endeavours. From nurturing organic partnerships to embracing sustainable packaging, BOS Rooibos Tea unravels the power of sipping towards a greener future. Get ready to tantalise your taste buds and catalyse positive change, one sip at a time.

Thriving rooibos tea shrubs seen on Klipopmekaar Rooibos Tea Farm.
Klipopmekaar is a beacon of sustainable rooibos tea farming.

Sipping Sustainably

We’re all about responsible agriculture. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the awesome team at Klipopmekaar, an organic farm that’s as passionate about sustainability as we are. By cultivating our rooibos tea there, we’re saying “No, thank you!” to harmful chemicals and pesticides. We want to make sure our tea leaves are not only good for you but also for our beautiful planet. And guess what? We’re supporting local farmers who know how to maintain the delicate balance between nature and cultivation.

About Klipopmekaar Farm

Picture this: Klipopmekaar Rooibos Tea Farm, nestled right in the heart of the Western Cape, is a shining beacon of sustainable rooibos tea cultivation. These guys are the real deal, with their unwavering commitment to organic farming. Together, we’re on a mission to bring you rooibos tea of exceptional quality, straight from the harmony of nature and cultivation.

BOS plants one tree for every 2,000 units of rooibos tea we sell.
At BOS, we’re big on giving back to the environment.

Green Is the New Brew

We’re kicking deforestation to the curb! At BOS, we’re all about taking action to restore our planet’s lush green tapestry. We plant one tree for every 2,000 units of BOS tea that we sell. It’s like breathing new life into our ecosystems. And we’ve partnered up with Greenpop to help protect the precious biodiversity of our beautiful planet.

Cultivating Consciousness

You deserve a cup of tea that’s out of this world, and that’s exactly what we’re brewing here at BOS. Our organic rooibos tea is Rainforest Alliance Certified – the official way of saying it’s sourced with loads of love and care for our environment. So, when you choose BOS, you’re not just treating your taste buds to a fantastic brew; you’re giving a big high-five to a planet that thrives. Take a sip, soak up the vibe, and know that your tea comes from a source dedicated to nurturing our planet.

BOS only uses eco-conscious packaging for all of our rooibos tea products.
Our good-looking packaging is also great for the planet.

Packaging Rooibos Tea with Purpose

Sustainability is a process and we’re working on it – starting with our packaging! We’ve carefully curated eco-conscious options that will blow your mind. We’re talking about 50% recycled plastic bottles, recyclable cardboard boxes, and cans that make Mother Nature do a happy dance. Oh, and our teabags? They’re made from CPLA, a 100% compostable and organic biopolymer derived from sugar cane waste.

We’re not just serving you tea; we’re serving up a commitment to minimise waste and preserve our precious resources.

Brewing a Sustainable Future, Together

At BOS Brands, we’re not just about great tea. We’re here to inspire eco-conscious practices. Let’s shape a future where every thriving enterprise helps the environment.

With BOS, you get to enjoy your favourite cup of tea with a positive impact. Cheers to sustainability! Cheers to BOS!


Visit our website at and explore our range of tea options. From classic rooibos blends to exciting flavour combinations, we’ve got a tea for every taste bud. Indulge in delicious flavours while sipping your way towards a better world.

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