The BOS Manifesto: What It Means to #GoBOS

At BOS, we think the only way to live is to push boundaries and slay down the runway. We say, “think less, feel more, and #GoBOS!”

At BOS, we think less, feel more!

BOS is more than just your average tea brand. We believe in limitless imagination, the power of connection, and feel-good fun. We encourage you to seize the moment and everything that comes with it. The good, the better, and of course, the BOS!

black girl on beach buried in sand holding can of BOS
C’’mon summer – it’s time to #GoBOS!

What Do You Mean?

As BOS, we want you to be authentically self-expressive and free-spirited. You should trust your gut and leap where your heart tells you to go. Better yet, make it a shared experience with some like-minded people and create a universal vibe of colour, creation and the freedom to be yourself. We urge you to run towards happiness and choose to #GoBOS.

Don’t you think the most life-changing adventures are unexpected and found in accidental places?

Explore the unknown and #GoBOS!

But… How Do I #GoBOS?

To choose the #GoBOS lifestyle means to be the best version of yourself, uplifting those around you so you can thrive together.

Want to learn how to surf? Get on that board!
Keen to be more health-conscious? Drink more rooibos!
Feeling creative? Pick up the paintbrush!
Eager to change the world? Plant a tree!
Need to connect? Join your tribe!
The possibilities are endless and full of promise. Just go for it and grab life by the BOS!

Cheers Bos
Cheers to another epic summer!

Choose Your Reality

With all these incredible people around who want to join our movement, it’s impossible not to get excited about life.

There is a BOS for everyone, no matter your vibe or where you live. We went as far as creating a quiz to match your mood and your ideal BOS Rooibos Tea. We understand the importance of vitality and embracing every second we have on this planet . That’s why we work tirelessly to bring you rooibos tea varieties we know you will savour and enjoy.

At BOS, we want everyone to have the right to be bold and do radical things that challenge the norm. We might all be different, but in so many ways, we’re the same. That’s how and why we continue to create moments the BOS way.


Not sure where to find BOS tea? Depending on where you are in the world, you can buy BOS rooibos tea online and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. For more info or to shop now, visit our online shop here.

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