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At BOS we are proud of where we come from and acknowledge our roots in the South African soil. Rooibos is part of our nation’s heritage and we are privileged to share it with you. We are free-spirited, generous, open-hearted and deeply connected through shared experience. That’s the South African way. That’s the BOS way.


Rooibos has unique superfood powers that are scientifically proven to elevate one’s health. We also know that rooibos has a transformative impact on the rural communities as well as the rainbow nation in which it is grown.​ Our mission is to take inspiration from our South African roots and share rooibos with everyone, by creating delightfully great products which are beautiful, fun, healthy and accessible, so that living more conscious lives is simpler for us all.​


This is the story about two guys who met in their search for meaning, and ended up making magic. It all started in Cape Town, when Grant Rushmere, a passionate, creative entrepreneur set out on a mission to answer the question: Can you be healthy and still have fun?**
**Spoiler alert: The answer is YES!
His quest took him to the Cederberg, a 100km radius of some of the most spectacular wilderness you’ll find south of the equator. Here’s where he met Richard Bowsher – entrepreneur and enthusiastic farmer of – you guessed it – organic rooibos. The two of them hit it off. The scene had all the makings of greatness compliments to the rugged mountains and ancient rock pools of Klipopmekaar, Richard’s rooibos farm and nature reserve. And the rest is history!

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