We are amazed when we discover creative goodness where we never expected to find it. 

There are everyday people, places, and things in this world that have the power to surprise and delight us when we look deeper, or when we look at them in a different way, from a different perspective. When we spend time to discover their creative goodness and their expressive nature, we are amazed at what we find.

We seek out the unexpected, the unbelievable, the wonderful things that are all around us, in the everyday. We take the ordinary and make it delightfully extraordinary. We bring refreshment to the world because life is meant to be refreshing, spectacular, crazy good and awesomely amazing.


Just when you thought tea couldn’t get any better…

We invited some of the coolest people we know and threw a High Tea like no other at the Victoria Yards. Introducing our new delicious & colourful BOS Organic Flavoured Rooibos Tea. 


What do you get when you mix aspiring commercial artists with BOS? Freedom. Colour. Teapots. A big shout out to Intle Art for collaborating with us and the work they do. Definitely #MakeItBOS


Getting BOS to grow on trees is crazy… until it isn’t. Check out these trees full of BOS, full of flavours, ripe and ready for the picking. Because there’s nothing fresher, more shweeter than BOS right off the tree. We made it happen at the @VictoriaYards First Sunday market.

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