Spice things up with a cup of hot Rooibos tea

As we head into the festive season, it can be a little chilly for our friends in the Northern Hemisphere. BOS is here for you, with a hot cup of Rooibos to thaw you out and warm your soul.

Actually, we highly recommend that you try our tasty hot tea recipes, we had one especially developed to get you into the festive spirit.

Spiced Rooibos Tea with Ginger, Star Anise and Orange will spice things up for sure. We hardly need remind you of the myriad benefits of Rooibos, but we just love to brag about the magic of this superfood!

Rooibos can assist with:

– lowering cortisol levels (those pesky stress hormones)

– soothing a troublesome tummy

– a better night’s sleep (no caffeine) – anti-aging, and helping to clear your skin (check out the science behind that here)

– boosting your immune system (loads of antioxidants)

– a healthy heart (scientifically proven to help you out here)

And remember, our Rooibos is 100% organic, it’s farmed ethically and sustainably, and we also look after the environment: our tea bags are plastic free and certified biodegradable, so just pop them in your composting system and Bob’s your uncle.

Here is the link to the recipe if you have not already checked it out – recipe

Oh, and if you feel like the flu is getting a grip on you, just add two slices of lemon and some honey to help you on your way back to health.

Happy holidays!

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