Where to Buy BOS Rooibos Tea Online

Delicious, nutritious and packed with a gazillion health-boosting properties (way more than black or even green tea, by the way), is it any wonder so many people are asking where to buy rooibos tea (hot and ice tea versions) online these days?

Whether this low-kilojoule, caffeine-free, diabetes-and-heart-disease-fighting superfood beverage should be a staple in your tea cupboard isn’t really up for debate. Rather, the question should be how to get your tea-lovin’ hands on as much as possible awesome, organic BOS rooibos tea – as fast as possible!

The short answer? It all depends from which corner of the world you’re ordering from.

Whether you’re in the United States, Europe, the UK or South Africa, as long as you have internet access and a bank account, some super-healthy, super-yummy BOS rooibos tea is a mere mouse-click away.

Read on as we spill the tea on where to buy BOS rooibos tea – in a variety of hot, ice and even lolly forms – online.

BOS rooibos hot tea

Why You Should #GoBOS!

Before we get into the shop talk, here are a few reasons to choose the BOS rooibos range of teas and other products:

  • BOS tea bags are made from 100 percent compostable CPLA (a biopolymer produced from sugarcane byproducts).
  • BOS rooibos is sustainably farmed and certified 100% USDA organic, hand-harvested.
  • All BOS rooibos tea products just got Rainforest Alliance Certified – something that we are extremely proud of (even if it does not reflect on our packaging just yet).
  • BOS’ rooibos-based ice teas make for an excellent alternative to sugary, fizzy beverages and, as a bonus, make mouthwatering cocktail mixers.
  • We’re doing our bit to help protect our precious planet: for every 2 000 BOS rooibos units sold, we plant one tree (30 000+ planted so far!).

Get 10% Off Your First BOS Rooibos Tea Online Purchase

Here’s some more good news! When you sign up to join our awesome BOS online community, you’ll get 10% off your next BOS rooibos tea online purchase. You’ll also be the first to know about all things BOS (including promotions, new products and discounts).

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buy BOS rooibos tea online

Where to Buy BOS Rooibos Tea Online If You’re in South Africa

If you were born and raised Mzansi-side, chances are you don’t need much convincing of the many health benefits of making delicious and nutritious rooibos tea your drink of choice.

Here are all the delicious ways you can enjoy this special ingredient via our South Africa online shop:


Buy rooibos tea online at our BOS South Africa online shop. Stock up on healthy BOS rooibos tea goodness today.

PS. Want to go BOS with your BOS Ice Tea? Check out our roundup of top South African festivals. See you there 💃

Where to Buy BOS Rooibos Tea Online If You’re in France

This wonder herbal drink called rooibos (Afrikaans for “red bush”) grows only in South Africa’s magnificent, mountainous Cederberg region. But, fortunately for French rooibos fanatics, an assortment of our organically farmed, hand-harvested BOS rooibos products are available in our BOS France online shop.

At BOS, we pride ourselves on our wide range of goodness-infused rooibos products.

Here are the products available in our France online shop:


Visit our France BOS online shop – you’re sure to find your perfect BOS rooibos tea match here!

Where to Buy BOS Rooibos Tea Online If You’re in the Netherlands

Obtained from South Africa’s indigenous Aspalathus linearis shrub, organic BOS rooibos tea is naturally sweet, with a beautiful deep-red colour and delicious, fruity flavour. Rooibos herbal tea is naturally caffeine-free, so it can safely be given to babies in moderate amounts (unsweetened, of course!).

Here are the products available in our Netherlands online shop:


Visit our BOS Netherlands online store today to buy your fave rooibos tea.

BOS flavoured hot teas

Where to Buy BOS Rooibos Tea Online If You’re in the UK or the Rest of Europe

Whatever your taste in rooibos products and flavours, once you go BOS, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Here are the products available in our Europe & UK online shop:

  • Rooibos tea bags (flavoured or unflavoured) for the hot-tea lovers
  • A mouth-watering selection of BOS Ice Teas for the cool cats
  • BOSpresso for those early mornings (or any other time of day you feel like it, really)


All of this deliciousness comes in a big assortment of shapes and sizes. Visit our BOS EU & UK online shop to find your perfect BOS tea match today.

BOS organic rooibos tea

Where to Buy BOS Rooibos Tea Online If You’re in the United States

Rooibos tea is the perfect alternative to black and green tea, both of which contain caffeine and high amounts of tannins (these can be harmful to your health and interfere with the absorption of essential minerals such as iron).

Here are the products available if you’re shopping from the US:

  • BOS Organic Rooibos Tea
  • Coming Soon: BOS Ice Teas


Visit our BOS US online shop (we offer free shipping on all US orders!) or our Amazon store (BOS Ice Tea only available via Amazon).

COMING SOON TO OUR US SHOP! Look out for our BOS Flavoured Hot Tea range, available soon via Amazon.

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To make it easier for you to help save the planet today, all you need to do is buy a few cans of BOS Ice Tea – we plant and maintain a tree for every 2000 units sold. (And our cans are recyclable.)

How are you celebrating World Environment Day?

Here are some ideas:
🌍 Plan a community cleanup
🌎 Spread awareness by sharing insightful articles
🌏 Challenge yourself to reduce, reuse and recycle in your everyday life.

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