Packed with superfood rooibos and antioxidants!

Have you ever tasted sunshine? You probably shouldn’t even try. Technically speaking, it wouldn’t be such a great idea. This cocktail tastes like the idea of sunshine. Much safer, much wetter and with that refreshing lemony zing you love.


  • BOS Lemon Ice Tea
  • 15ml strawberry cordial
  • 1 shot (25ml) sparkling wine
  • dried lemon & rosemary
  • fresh strawberries

Create a strawberry cordial:

  1. Slice up 250g of ripe strawberries into quarters
  2. Give them a quick blitz in a hot pan
  3. Pop them in a blender and add 200ml of BOS Lemon 4. Strain the cordial mixture into a quaint mason jar


Add the rum, strawberry cordial, BOS Lemon dry champagne/ sparkling wine together. Shake well with ice before serving in a tall glass, with a slice of dried lemon and fresh rosemary garnish. 

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