Guide to Pairing Rooibos Tea with Food, Life, the Universe & Everything

Nutrient- and antioxidant-rich rooibos tea is a health-boosting superfood, that much we know. But did you know that delicious, organic rooibos, indigenous to South Africa and grown nowhere else on Earth, is also super versatile?

Sure, this beautiful, crimson-coloured herbal tea is naturally sweet, and perfect as a hot or cold drink all on its own. But here’s great news for the hordes of rooibos tea fanatics around the globe: rooibos not only makes your life better with its myriad benefits, it also makes an awesome ingredient in so many drinks and dishes it will make your head spin (in a good way!).

Yes, rooibos tea comes in many, many shapes and forms – each of them popping with that one-of-a-kind rooibos goodness.

Round-the-clock Rooibos

There are BOS Rooibos products for every hour of your day: To help kickstart your morning, for combating those midday energy-level dips, for mixing into a well-deserved after-work cocktail, for creating drool-icious desserts, and so much more! And, being caffeine free (with calming properties to boot), it comes as no surprise that rooibos is also the perfect bedtime drink.

For further proof of how versatile rooibos tea really is, keep reading for our on-point BOS Guide to Pairing Rooibos with Food, Life, the Universe, and Everything Else.

BOS rooibos tea

Rooibos Tea and Breakfast Pairings

If you’ve been curious about all the ways rooibos can make your mornings magical, stay with us… Whether you like your brekkie traditional or you’re more of an oatmeal and smoothie rise-and-shiner, rooibos tea is bound to set you up strong for whatever the day may bring.

Pairing rooibos with a classic English breakfast

If you see no reason to mess with a winning recipe, and like your eggs, bacon, toast and beans the way Grandma used to make them, we suggest you simply pair one classic with another. BOS Organic Rooibos tea comes with no frills, no fuss, and no added flavours – just 100% organic rooibos goodness to wash down that legendary English brekkie.

Pairing rooibos with overnight oats

Delicious, healthy and a breeze to prep the night before, it’s easy to see why overnight oats is the trend with no end. But did you know that it’s also super simple to make overnight oats using rooibos tea instead of water or milk? With rooibos tea’s health-boosting properties, this ingredient makes overnight oats even more nutritious (and easier on our planet, too!).

Best of all, this gut-friendly, nutrient-packed breakfast can be customised with your favourite berries, nuts, and honey or other sweeteners, giving you the creative licence to make this nutritious recipe entirely your own.

Need some inspiration? Check out how Rosie from whips up her favourite breakfast: Rooibos Overnight Oats.

Pairing rooibos with a smoothie

No matter what flavour you’re planning to whip up, smoothies need lots of liquid. Enter rooibos, the perfect base ingredient for your antioxidant-rich, digestion-boosting smoothie. We found this Red Rooibos Tea Infused Raspberry Smoothie recipe especially appealing. But really, when it comes to perfecting your custom rooibos-based smoothie, the sky’s the limit.


Pairing rooibos with life, the universe & everything else… Do you like to greet the sunrise with an energising morning meditation? Twenty rounds of yoga sun salutes? Or perhaps you prefer to stretch your way into a new day. Whatever your routine, pairing your early morning routine with the healing powers of rooibos tea will help set your zen.

BOS rooibos tea

Rooibos Tea Paired with a Post-Lunch Treat

Work, family time, socialising – we know how crazy a day can get. Rooibos tea is the perfect 100% organic beverage to pair with your on-the-go lifestyle. Can anything be more satisfying than cracking open a can of your favourite BOS Ice Tea as a refreshing, post-lunch treat?

Well, perhaps…

Pairing rooibos with lemon sorbet

Balancing the natural flavour of rooibos tea with a gentle lemon sorbet might just be one of our favourite pairings ever. You can also create your own sorbet with rooibos as an ingredient. Have a look at this tasty rooibos and lemon sorbet recipe – with only four ingredients, it couldn’t be easier.

Pairing rooibos with malva pudding

Sometimes, the planets align and a decadently lazy Sunday lunch comes along. And what better to follow a scrumptious meal than a dessert made from (among other things) rooibos tea – one of the healthiest, tastiest ingredients around?

You can even go one step further and pair this pudding with our BOS Ice Tea in mouth-watering flavours like Peach, Berry, Watermelon & Mint, and Lime & Ginger.

BOS rooibos cocktail

Rooibos Tea Paired with After-hours Awesomeness

100% caffeine free, with calming properties to boot, rooibos tea is the perfect beverage to indulge in at the end of a hectic day. If you like to unwind with something a little, erm, stronger as the sun sets, here’s the good news: BOS Ice Tea is fast gaining a reputation as a cocktail mixer of note.

Pairing rooibos with a tipple of your choice

To get an expert opinion here, we reached out to Diane Allegret (aka The French Mixologist) and asked her which types of alcohol pair best with rooibos tea. She said: “I would say every alcohol mixes perfectly with tea. Just depends on the flavour and what you want. For something very refreshing and summer, go for gin and vodka. More classic and elegant, go for cognac or whisky.”

For more insights and tips from Diane, read our full interview with her here.

Ready to flex those mixologist muscles? Check out the cocktails we’ve created using BOS Ice Teas as mixers, then get going on conjuring up your own signature drinks.

Side note: If you’ve got a hot Tinder date, our Whiskey Ginger Fling is bound to impress.

Pairing rooibos with an early night

Have we mentioned that, unlike black and green tea, rooibos tea is 100% caffeine free? This means rooibos tea pairs perfectly with your bedtime routine. Just pick your favourite from BOS’s four mouth watering flavours: Strawberry & Vanilla; Apple & Mint, Chai or Orange & Ginger. Then enjoy your deliciously soothing bedtime drink – and a great night’s sleep.


Pairing rooibos with life, the universe & everything else… Need some comfort after that post-work therapy session? Treat yourself to a cup of soothing BOS Rooibos Flavoured Tea to make everything okay again. We recommend Strawberry & Vanilla flavour, as it also pairs perfectly cakes, tarts and custard (#justsaying).

Learn More About Rooibos Pairings and BOS Tea Flavours

Want to learn more about rooibos tea flavour infusions, and the art of pairing rooibos tea with different foods and drinks? Read our interview with tea sommelier Jessica Bonin.

And if you’re curious about how we come up with our unique BOS Rooibos and Ice Tea flavours, check out our Q&A with BOS global product development and quality manager, Mary Bigalke, and brand manager, Dani Du Toit, here.

Buy Your BOS Rooibos Tea Online

Not sure where to find BOS tea? Depending on where you are in the world, you can buy BOS rooibos tea online and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. For more info or to shop now, visit

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