24 Hours with BOS Rooibos Tea

From sunrise to sundowners, there's a BOS rooibos tea for every hour of the day. Read on to discover how BOS can solve (nearly) all your problems 24/7.

If you love rooibos tea as much as we do, you’ll be as stoked as we are to know that there is (literally) a BOS tea product to enjoy at every point in your day – from sunrise to sundowners. Not only will BOS rooibos tea brighten your day with its ice-cold (or piping hot!) deliciousness, it will also give your health and energy levels a good old boost with its nutrient-packed, health-supporting properties.

Read on to learn how BOS can solve (nearly) all your problems 24/7.

BOS tea

6am: Rise and Shine With BOSpresso

Hard to get out of bed? BOS tea’s BOSpresso makes a perfect rooibos latte or cappuccino and is just what you need to launch you out of bed into another jam-packed day. BOS tea is naturally sweet and fruity, organic rooibos boasts a fine cut that gives our rich, deep-red BOSpresso a full-bodied, smooth flavour with hints of honey.


Go on, indulge in a bit of BOSpresso goodness in the morning before you step out and conquer.

BOS tea

8am: Boost Your Breakfast (and Health) with a BOS Tea Rooibos Shot

Trying to have a healthier start? Our little powerhouse health shots pack a mean punch with a double-dose of superfood goodness. That’s right – on top of the many health benefits that rooibos offers all by itself, our BOS Rooibos Health Shots come in four variants including:

  1. Collagen – glorious, glowing skin, anyone?
  2. Probiotics – give your gut a break
  3. Immunity – contains turmeric, ginger and vitamin c
  4. CBD – need a chill pill (that’s not a pill)?


Give your wellbeing a shot in the arm with a BOS Tea Rooibos Health Shot.

BOS tea

10am: Elevate Your Tea Break with BOS Flavoured Rooibos Tea

What would life be without tea breaks (no question mark, as this is a strictly rhetorical question). When 10am swings round and half the office is gathered around the kettle, here’s your next conversation starter: our delicious new BOS Flavoured Hot Tea range. Choose from Apple & Mint, Strawberry & Vanilla, Orange & Ginger, or Chai Flavoured.

This herbal beverage is not just naturally sweet and tasty, but also ridiculously good for you. Our organic BOS rooibos tea is grown in the awe-inspiring Cederberg, a spectacular mountainous region on South Africa’s west coast. Rooibos grows nowhere else on our planet, making our 100 percent organic, nutrient-packed, caffeine-free herbal wonder drink all the more unique.


Want to add a little rooibos magic to your day? Try our BOS Flavoured Rooibos Tea.

BOS fruit icy

1pm: Grab a BOS Rooibos Fruit Ice For a Post-Lunch Cool-Down Treat

Who doesn’t like something sweet for dessert? Another rhetorical question, and what’s not to like when the treat in question is super healthy and contains a combination of delicious, organic rooibos tea and real fruit juice.

Your BOS Fruit Ice can be stored in the freezer and contains no added preservatives, no added sugar and (as a bonus) is 100 percent dairy free.


Choose from three flavours (grape, tropical and cherry). Grab a BOS Fruit Ice from the freezer for a tasty chill-out treat.

BOS ice tea

4pm: Enjoy a Late-Afternoon Energiser with BOS Rooibos Ice Tea

Falling asleep at your desk? We all know those energy batteries can run a bit low late in the workday, and what better way to push on over the finish line than with a refreshing can (or box, or bottle) of ice-cold, healthy BOS Ice Tea?


Choose from a range of drool-icious flavours: peach, lemon, berry, watermelon & mint, and lime & ginger (including unsweetened options). Recharge at BOS Rooibos Ice Tea.

BOS ice tea

7pm: Impress Your Date with a BOS Sundowner Cocktail

When the sun starts to set, it’s gin o’ clock, baby (or any kind o’ clock that floats your boat, really). All our BOS Rooibos Ice Teas make marvellous cocktail mixers, so get experimenting and create the sundowner of your dreams. Check out our cocktail recipes.


Find your favourite cocktail mixer among our BOS Rooibos Ice Teas – there are plenty of flavours to choose from, so picking your perfect match should be a breeze.

BOS rooibos tea

Midnight: Restless? BOS Organic Rooibos Tea to the Rescue

Calm app not working? Slow down your breathing and sip on a cup of caffeine free rooibos tea. Count the ways it’s good for you. One, two, three… zzz.


Stock up on BOS Organic Rooibos Tea.

Is It Okay to Drink Rooibos Tea Every Day?

In case you are still asking this very important question, may we assure you that it is not just okay to drink BOS rooibos tea every day, it is extremely beneficial to your health to do so – several times a day. And with BOS rooibos tea’s yummy range of delicious and nutritious rooibos beverages, you will certainly be spoilt for choice!

So Many Delicious BOS Tea Drinks, So Little Time

It seems there are more delectable BOS rooibos tea products than there are moments throughout the day to enjoy them. But hey, that’s okay. Life is long, and there are plenty of other occasions where you can #GoBOS with BOS.

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